Herbal shampoo – how beneficial is it?

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We belong to a world which is slowly trying to go back to its roots and opting for natural and organic products over chemical ones. One of the organic products very much in demand is organic shampoo. A favourite hair care product among women, herbal shampoos give the expected hair care results while at the same time, does not have any chemical effects on the hair.

Herbal shampoos can come in many forms, with different herbs for different results. These shampoos are very good for hair fall reduction and healthy hair growth. Let us explore the benefits of this sought after product:

1. Hair fall – one of the prime benefits of herbal shampoos is their ability to arrest hair fall. In order to experience this, it is a good idea to wash your hair with herbal shampoo atleast once a week to reduce hair fall naturally.

2. Hair growth – herbal shampoos solve hair problems from the basic level. They strengthen the roots of the hair and aid in increasing hair growth.

3. Dry hair – one of the side effects of chemical shampoos that herbal shampoos so effectively manage is dry hair. Herbal shampoos work at the roots of the hair, enhancing them and therefore, ensuring that the new roots are beautiful and soft.

4. Split ends – although split ends cannot be avoided, they can be reduced by using herbal shampoos on the hair which arrest formation of split ends.

5. Oily hair – instead of drying out the scalp and increasing the production of oil on the scalp, herbal shampoos help in retaining the natural oil of the hair in the roots and nourishing them.

6. Dandruff – those suffering from dandruff can definitely turn to herbal shampoos to eradicate the problem as the shampoo decreases the dandruff production in the scalp.

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