Henna leaves – Importance and its health benefits

Henna leaves

Henna. a herb commonly found in ayurveda is a herb native to India. it is generally used for cosmetic purposes such as drawing mehndi designs on the hands of women during occasions, especially the bride during marriage. Out of the ‘saath shringar’ or seven adornments of the hindu bride, mehndi is considered holy and pious and necessary. The extract from the plant is very beneficial to the body.

1. Coolant – henna is said to have cooling properties. The leaves are ground into a paste and can be used as an anti- inflammatory substance to help reduce swelling. If the paste is applied on the swollen area, and kept till it dries, the swelling reduces gradually. The paste is then washed away after it dries. In case of the body overheating, henna paste applied overnight on the feet can cool down the body.

2. Hair protection – Henna powder or paste is very effective for hair problems such as dandruff, smoothening of hair and bringing a shine. Henna is good for repairing hair and can also be used as a dye. It should be applied regularly, once a week to reap the benefits.

3. Burn healing – as henna is a coolant, if the leaves of henna are rubbed on the burnt portion of the body, it can reduce the pain effectively. It is a good ayurvedic medicine for burn treatment.

4. Pain reliever – henna’s cooling properties can be used for curing aches and pains. Henna leaves rubbed on the forehead can reduce chronic pains. It is an excellent cure for migraine.

5. Liver – henna is an effective ayurvedic treatment for liver conditions like jaundice. It also does not give any serious side effects.

6. Anti TB – henna is known to be an effective cure for the fearsome disease of tuberculosis. Henna leaf extracts are good for fighting tuberculosis although it should be administered after consulting a doctor.

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