Health benefits of dried fruits for men

dried fruits

There are different types of dry fruits available and all such foods are useful for the body. The dry fruits are effective and good for the body as they provide essential minerals and nutrients to the body. Dried fruits are not only delicious snacks, but also full of health benefits. The only possible downside of dried fruits could be that they are high in calories. It is important to remember that fresh fruits are much healthier. The benefits of dry fruits are listed below and it is helpful in different ways.

  •   The most effective and helpful part about the dry fruits are that those are helpful against constipation or other stomach problems. The high content of fiber contained in the dry fruits help in keeping the body fit and active. The high glucose content and the increase in the gastro intestinal fluids keep the intestine fit.
  • Prunes, dried apricot and raisins contain large amount of iron which is helpful for the body and it is much better than any other non vegetarian dishes.
  •   Fresh fruits and vegetables are very effective in strengthening the immune system due to the high content of vitamin C. Keep in mind that the vitamin C in dried fruit has been destroyed and oxidized.
  •   Dates are beneficial for increasing sexual stamina. A handful of dates, when soaked in fresh goat’s milk for the night and then grinded in the same milk with cardamom powder and honey.
  •   Raisins are very good for gaining weight, as they are full of fructose and glucose and give a lot of energy. Thus, they form an ideal part of the diet for athletes or body builders who need a lot of energy.
  •   Figs, walnuts and other dry fruits like almonds are rich in calcium, but high in calories.

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