Girls problems that Guys can’t understand

Girls problems that Guys can't understand pregnant woman on the scales

Guys can become a lot more mature if they understand certain things about girls:

Decency : Girls always have to be careful whether the tee shirt or shirt they are wearing doesn’t reveal something accidently.

Cramps : Understanding cramps and pain during periods is not a big deal. But guys fail here too when they decide to make fun out of it rather than understanding it is nothing but a natural process.

Periods : Guys pry into the personal belongings of girls, such as their bags. Their curiosity is what becomes a problem for girls. Guys don’t understand that girls have might have to carry extra napkins to save their clothes from staining if they are on period.

Child Birth : It is girls who can best understand this as they are the ones who have to bear- not guys.

Breast Feeding : Guys need to understand that just because a girl is a young mother, doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be socializing. It is obvious that she will carry her baby around with her and is obvious that she will breast feed when the baby is hungry.

Privacy : Just like another human being, girlfriends and wives too need personal space – another thing guys need to understand.

Jeans : Guys can get perfect fit for their jeans. But many a times, it is girls who have to wear whatever number the manufacturer gives.

Balance : Girls maintain good balance between their work and personal life.

Shoes : Guys like high heeled shoes. They should know that their girlfriend will wear it for them even if she isn’t comfortable.

Stress : Girls have to look after family, partner and their work simultaneously. It is only normal that this multitasking stresses her out.

Clothes : Guys go crazy over girls with beautiful outfits. Do they ever think- well it is just an outfit? If a dress is pretty it is not necessary that the girl feels comfortable wearing it.

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