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Oily nose gives rise to blackheads, grease and dirt that make the skin unhealthy. Following are some useful tips on how to treat an oily nose:

  • Water : Cleaning with water is the best way to wipe off the dirt and oil. This way, you will get rid of the dirt and maintain the skin’s moisture as well. The cleaners available in the market can be used as well, but they should be used twice a day- at the most.
  • Honey & Almonds : This is yet another great remedy for an oil free nose. Take couple of tablespoons of honey. Add ground almonds to make a face scrub and use it frequently on the nose.
  • Cleanliness : Most of the sebaceous glands of the skin are in the T Zone of the face. This zone comprises of forehead, the nose, chin as well as the area that circles the mouth. The easiest way to keep the nose oil free is to make sure the skin pores are clean. These pores are responsible for the accumulation of excess dirt and grease on the nose.
  • Vinegar : Dilute the vinegar with some water. Then soak a piece of cotton in it. Rub it on the nose and leave the solution on for about 15 minutes. Use cold water to wash off. This remedy wipes off oil and also protects the skin from penetration by grime and dirt. Besides, it is a good solution for acne and blackheads too.
  • Face Scrub : Buy a good quality face scrub. Rub it gently on to the skin, especially on the nose and then wash off with water. Use it 2 or 3 times a week for best results. Another advantage is freedom from blackheads.
  • Lemon : Lemon is a blessing for the skin. Add some lime juice to a piece of cotton. Clean your nose with it twice or thrice every day.

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