Genital Itching: Causes And Home Remedies

Genital Itching

Men and women are hit by genital itching at some point in their lives. To get relief from the itch, one must be aware of the several factors that can cause the discomfort:

  • Dry Skin : The skin has to have moisture so that it remains supple. Keeping moisture gets difficult as a person gets older. Dry skin therefore, might lead to itchy genitals.
  • Chemicals : The genitals might be exposed to chemicals from a variety of sources – detergents, feminine sprays, fabric softeners, creams, ointments, douches, contraceptive gels/foams and scented sanitary towels.
  • Menopause : The level of estrogen decreases that in turn thins the vaginal walls. With this, the lubrication is also reduced and it results in genital itching.
  • Yeast Infection : These are caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. The symptom of yeast infection is white discharge that is curd-like. The reason for the infection can be many – antibiotics, pregnancy, birth control pills, menstruation, sexual intercourse, use of condom, weak immune system and diabetes.
  • Stress : It is one of the causes of genital itching, especially in women.

The following home remedies can be tried to beat the itch:

  • Ice : Ice should be applied for instantaneous relief.
  • Salt Bath : Add four tablespoons of salt to the water in your tub and soak in it for at least 30 minutes. The alkaline water will fight the bacterial infections. The cure would happen within a week.
  • Yogurt : Spread some yogurt on a tampon and insert this tampon. Allow it to soak into the vagina. It should be rinsed off after 15 minutes.
  • Basil Leaves : Leave basil leaves in your tub full of water for half an hour. The basil leavse are known to prevent bacterial infections.
  • Cider Vinegar : Add two tablespoons of cider vinegar in warm water and rinse your vagina with this solution. Men should do this twice a week.

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