Garlic and its beauty benefits


Garlic is a medicinal wonder of nature. Along with keeping illnesses like common cold and flu at bay, garlic is also known for its antiseptic and remedial properties. Including garlic in your diet and beauty needs is a good way to stay healthy and look beautiful at the same time.

1. Acne – Garlic, due to its anti bacterial property, is a good cure for acne. If one can make do with the smell, mashing a few pods of garlic and applying the paste on the pimple will make it diminish. Adding few drops of vinegar along with the garlic paste will give wondrous results in pimple treatment.

2. Skin softener – garlic has a skin softenizing element called allicin. Including a few pods of garlic in your face mask will grant you soft baby like skin naturally.

3. Ageing prevention – garlic is a very useful natural product when it comes to anti ageing. Putting a few drops of garlic in your face mask and applying once a week will keep those wrinkles at bay.

Blackheads  - due to its anti microbial properties, garlic is a very useful treatment for blackheads and whiteheads. Adding a few mashed garlic pods or garlic juice in your face crub is a good way to avoid them.

Reducing inflammation – if moles and skin scars trouble you, use garlic on the affected areas. The anti bacterial and anti viral properties of ginger will reduce the skin inflammation and scars.

Removing stretch marks – although a baby brings joy to a woman’s face, the stretch marks bring tears. Although there are numerous products in the market, it is difficult to eradicate these marks effectively. Garlic is an extremely useful product in this case.

Hair and heart – Garlic is known to  be very good for the heart and also adds strength to hair and makes the hair smooth.


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