Foods that can decrease the appetite


There are different food items and each have their own specialties. Now there are some food items that are good to help the individual to shed extra pounds and you can get a good figure most importantly can stay fit and healthy as well. Everyone suggests taking healthy food and eating less but it is not easy to suppress the appetite all the time. Here are some food items that are good for suppressing the appetite:

  •   Avocado is a fruit is effective and rich in mono saturated fats which can help you to suppress the appetite and help digesting the food slowly. This helps in filling the stomach effectively.
  •   Oatmeal is another healthy staple food which is good for many health conscious people. The oatmeal keeps you full for long time and it is soluble fiber called the beta- glucans which help in digesting the food slowly and decrease the appetite.
  •   Almonds are healthy nuts and are rich in healthy fats which help in avoiding unwanted weight gain.
  •   Coffee is another food which is helpful and effective in suppressing the appetite. In case you want to lose weight make sure you don’t add sugar in the coffee.
  •   Dark chocolates are also good for appetite suppressant and it stimulates the hunger.
  •   Chocolate cheese is low in fats which makes it healthy snack and good for the body and body builders as well.
  •   Also make sure you drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and it will help you make fill fuller.
  •   Yogurt is also good for the body which is thick, creamy texture and it makes you feel fuller for longer.
  •   Having sweets is one of the best tricks to control appetite and take it 30 minutes before having meal.

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