Foods that can be helpful for baldness problems


In recent times the common problem and most frequent that has been seen among individuals is the baldness problems. Almost every individual suffers from hair fall or other hair related problems. Proper diet and food helps the cause and you can try keeping a check on your diet. Make sure you choose the right diet and it will help you a lot. Some important food items helpful for hair problems are listed below.

  • As you know the major part of our hair is made up of protein and for that reason it is suggested to take protein rich foods. Even you can apply egg on your scalp and keep it for few minutes.
  • It is suggested to take lots of diary products and items. Dairy products are rich in vitamin and it helps against problems like baldness. Yogurts and milkĀ  products are good for the cause.
  • Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and also act as antioxidants. So try taking such vegetables. Spinach can be really good for baldness problems.
  • Dry fruits and nuts are rich in minerals, proteins and essential nutrients. Experts believe such food items help against baldness. So try taking such foods regularly.
  • Beans are also good and effective. Include all types of beans in your diet such as soya beans, kidney beans, black beans etc.
  • Fish is good source of protein and taking fish regularly ensures enough proteins being collected. So ensure that fish is including on your diet every day.
  • Carrots are also really helpful for hair problems and it is suggested to take carrot juice or boiled carrots regularly.
  • Sweet potatoes are also helpful and make sure you include sweet potatoes regularly on your diet.
  • Sunflower seeds are also helpful for baldness as those are rich in proteins and other useful nutrient

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