Fertility Mistakes Made By Couples

Common Fertility Mistakes in Couple

Following are some common issues that prevent couples from having children:

  • Unnecessary Blame : Whether you are the lady or the man, do not blame yourself for the problem. You know you have been trying from your side and blame isn’t something you deserve for all these efforts. Instead of blaming oneself, seek the doctor’s help as problem in conceiving might be due to medical conditions present in either of the partner.
  • Stress : This factor affects fertility in both women and men. In ladies, stress has a negative effect on the menstrual cycle. In men, stress is found to be a cause of low sperm count. Try not to take stress if you are unable to conceive as this stress will further prevent you from conceiving.
  • Timing : Menstrual cycle is a factor that differs among women. In case your menstrual cycle is somewhat close to the perfect cycle of 28 days, then calculate the most fertile time. Go back by 14 days from the day when the menstrual cycle begins. This gives the period of highest fertility. Knowing the fertility period is of significant importance. This is because the sperm that enters your body has a life of five days maximum. The egg would be there for fertilization for a time of 24 hours only.
  • Wrong Habits : Deciding to become a mother or father is one of the major decisions in life. When you take this decision, make sure that you are ready for the new life ahead. Quit all the wrong habits such as smoking, alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle and drugs.
  • Faulty Checkup : The timing of your medical checkup may be wrong. Do not rush to the doctor straight away. Instead, try to work things out with your spouse for a year. Then visit the doctor if you two are unable to manage on your own. But remember to not delay the appointment either.

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