Facial Bleaching benefits on Skin

Facial Bleaching

Bleaching is a commonly done cosmetic treatment by men and women alike. It is used to lighten the skin tone of the body and face. It can be done at home or at professional parlours and there are a lot of natural and store bought products for this. One of the natural treatments is using lemon or potato. Mixing them in the face pack and using it will help you get an even or fair skin tone naturally.

People generally abstain from chemical products due to fear of side effects. For this, there are a lot of herbal products in the market. Bleaching has quite a few benefits for the skin.

1. Skin lightening – bleaching reduces the melanin level in the skin and makes the skin tone lighter. Through bleaching, the tan is reduced and fades away. Even the dirt layer of the skin can be reduced through bleaching.

2. Glow – After bleaching, one gets a fairer skin tone. This also eventually leads to a glow on the face. The face tends to get a shine and rejuvenates after a bleach treatment. This helps in removing dullness and enhances the skin tone.

3. Blemishes – in case one has spots and blemishes on the skin, bleaching can help erase them. As bleaching reduces pigmentation on the skin, it also reduces the dark spots on the face. Along with removal of melanin and dirt accumulation from skin pores, the dark parts are removed effectively.

4. Texture – after a bleach treatment, the texture of the skin is enhanced. The skin is revitalized and becomes soft and smooth. Dead cells, white heads and black heads are also removed due to bleaching.

5. Long lasting – although there are a lot of treatments available in the market such as laser and chemical peeling, bleaching is much easier and much more economically viable as well.


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