Effective home remedies for treating dark circles in men

Dark circles are one of those dreaded beauty issues, one only Count Dracula can sport convincingly. It is quite unattractive, even in males. Stemming from an unhealthy lifestyle, there are myriad reasons to dark circles. They might be caused from excessive rubbing around the eyes, hyper pigmentation due to sun exposure, sleep deprivation, dehydration etc. Although women have the magical option of makeup to hide the pigmentation, what are the men to do? Although the basic remedial measures are good sleep and plenty of water, there are certain home remedies men can try before rushing to a clinic.

In order to treat dark circles effectively, one must determine its cause. In case of genetic disorder, a dermatologist should be consulted. In case of the ailment is due to sun exposure, using a high SPF sun screen lotion or wearing bigger sunglasses could help. Here are a few home remedies for men to try.

1. Cucumber – being a natural astringent or toner, cucumber is an effective way to treat dark circles. Place a slice of cucumber or grated cucumber over the eye for about ten minutes. Repeat this several times throughout the day. This will help in erasing the dark circles.

2. Water – a simple remedy for dark circles, one must drink adequate to high amounts of water. This helps in hydrating the skin and preventing dark circle formation.

3. Sleep - one of the major causes of dark circles is inadequate sleep. Due to strained muscles and tissues around the eyes, dark circles are caused. Therefore, in order to rest the strained muscles, one must have adequate sleep.

4. tea bags – a simple remedy, utilize the tea bag after your morning tea. You can save it in the fridge for later use. Bring it to room temperature and place it over your eyes for fifteen minutes. It is a good way to treat dark circles.

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