Does new born babies suffer hair loss?

Newborn Baby Hair Loss

There is a general question and sort of enquiry amongst parents whether new born babies have hair loss or not. Well to be exact there are many such cases where new born babies company or face the problem of hair loss and there are lots of reasons responsible for such hair loss. In few babies you can hardly notice such hair fall but at the same time there are individuals where the impact is too much. Here are some of the points that cause hair fall amongst new born babies:

  • The most common and frequent case that are responsible for hair loss amongst new born babies are that the drop in hormone levels. There are facts that after a new born baby is born the mother maintain a certain hormone level but once they are borne the hormone level drops drastically and this result in causing hair loss amongst babies.
  • However there are some extremely reasons that re responsible for hair loss such as constantly sleeping in once direction and even rubbing of hairs can causes such problems amongst new born babies. These cases are common amongst all but only few complain about too much hair loss.
  • There are some cases where the baby develops skin rashes or allergies in the scalp and this also causes hair to fall. In that case make sure you go and visit a doctor or child specialist.

Normally the cases of hair fall is common amongst new born babies but once you start seeing that the impact is too much and the scalp is turning out to be reddish as well as too much fall of hair it is time to consult a doctors. There are many treatment and natural ways that can help in preventing the hair fall.

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