Does Emergency Contraceptive Pill Cause Abortion?

Abortion Pill

While making love is a beautiful thing, unwanted pregnancy is complicated and can cause a lot of trouble. To avoid this problem without hampering the pleasure of physical intimacy, contraceptives were invented. But contraceptives are not infallible. So what will happen if contraceptives fail? For situations like this, there was another medical invention- emergency contraceptive pill. It is also called the morning after pill. But ever since it has been invented, the emergency pill has been facing controversy from several sections of the society. The main opposition comes from religious groups who dub it as an abortion pill. Since several major religions in the world are against aborting fetuses, they campaign against its use. But technically an abortion pill and an emergency contraceptive pill are two different things. To understand the difference between the two types of pill, one needs to understand how they work. Only then the difference will be clear.

Abortion Pill

Abortion pills are consumed taken after a woman misses her period and the result of the pregnancy test comes as positive. A pill for abortion contains oxytocin. It makes the uterus become cramp and as a result the fetus is detached from the uterus walls and then is slowly dissolved. However, the fetus may already have a heartbeat by this point which makes it a technically a living thing.

Emergency Contraceptive

The emergency contraceptive pill, popularly known as the morning after pill needs to be taken within a certain time period after having sex without any protection or in case of a failure of the regular contraceptive. The time period is 24 to 72 hours. At this time, even if the sperm has fertilized the egg, it is either a single cell or just a cluster of few cells which is too small even for detection. Therefore it is not same as dissolving a fetus. The pill is actually a dose of hormone that dissolves the cell or cells.

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