Different ways to thicken the eye lashes

eye lashes

Eyes are one of the best parts and there are lots of makeup’s available to ensure that the eyes are more attractive and beautiful to watch. Eye makeup is therefore getting very popular and is in trend. Right from the famous celebrities to the normal college going girl, all want their eyes to look gorgeous. Some ways of making eyelashes thick are by using cosmetics and some are natural ways of growing thick eyelashes. Few more techniques are listed below:

  •  Mascara is one beauty tip for women to make eye lashes thicker. Hence, mascara is a good way to thicken eyelashes instantly for a long time. So make sure whenever you are going out apply those and your eyes will look beautiful.
  •  Using Vaseline to moisturize the eyelashes as well as eye brows can help you make them thicker and darker naturally. Even some other moisturizer creams are also helpful but make sure you use those regularly.
  •  There are various oils like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, etc. which can be used to massage eyelashes. These oils stimulate the eyelash hair follicles and increase their growth. Follow the step regularly and this can help the eye lashes grow perfectly.
  • Stop rubbing the eye lashes as such things tends to make the eye lashes break and fall off. To avoid this do not rub eyelids very often. So keep this in mind and take care of your eye lashes.
  • If you are so fond of long and thick eyelashes than use extensions for your eyes. These things look different but can make it up when you are desperate for long thick lashes.
  • All the above steps are helpful in making the eye lashes attractive and beautiful. Start taking care of your eye lashes as it enhances your looks and appearances.

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