Detecting clogged arteries – early signs

One of the most common ailments affecting people from all age groups is heart disease. Once known to be a risk for the elderly, it has now caught hold of everyone due to major changes in food and lifestyle. The upside is that to some extent, one can take necessary steps to prevent heart disease and reverse the ailment. For this, one needs to know the causes of a heart attack. One of the leading causes is clogged arteries. Causes of clogged arteries are cholesterol, weight and calories. One cause is the thickening of blood which reduces the circulation of blood to the heart. There are a few symptoms that can warn us of clogged arteries. Let us see a few.

1. Sharp pains in chest – if you find yourself suffering from sharp sudden stabbing pains in the heart region of the chest, it is high time you visit a doctor and get tests done. This could be a sign of clogged arteries.

2. Erectile dysfunction – in case of men, difficulties in erection and sexual performance can be an early sign of clogged arteries in the pelvis.

3. Fatigue – although a symptom of many diseases, fatigue is an early indication of clogged arteries as it stems from improper blood circulation, leading to tiredness. Breathing difficulties are seen as well.

4. Regular heartburn – in case you suffer from heartburn regularly, followed by a bout of indigestion, it can signify clogged arteries.

5. Poor sleep patterns – Stress, depression and anxiety are prime reasons, leading to heart conditions. It is an early sign of an imminent heart attack.

6. Lack of concentration – if you are always disinterested, it can be a sign of clogged arteries.

7. ear crease and baldness – a crease on the earlobe and baldness at the crown of the head can be a clear indication of clogged arteries.

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