Dates you should remember after marriage

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Relationship is always important and as an individual it’s your duty to ensure every step you take is to the point and no stone is unturned for those special occasions. This begins the start of a good and everlasting relationship and for that reason it is your duty to get the best of the ideas for the date. If you are not so smart in recording them in your memory, try other ways like keeping a reminder in your phone, saving in your email, writing down in your personal diary or noting it in the calendar. Here are some of the occasions:

Birthday: Never forget the birthday of your partner and try surprising them at the last hour which will make the event much more special and your partner will realize your love for them. Giving gifts is secondary but the surprise party or the wish will make them feel special and overjoyed and for that reason make sure you ensure everything.

Child’s birthday: Never ever forget your child’s birthday and try to plan out something and may be a surprise which will make your partner realize the seriousness about you and responsibility towards the family.

Anniversary: Anniversary is the best day of your life and for every happy couple. Try to make the event special and good for everyone which will make your partner happy and feel loved. Try to arrange something special and even gift something special.

First kiss: The main essences of love are the first kiss date and try remembering it and keep it in your memory. Try doing something special on that particular date and make your partner feel special. Take this as one of the most effective relationship tips.

First trip: Keep in memory about the first trip together and this will be something special and good.


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