Common Side effects commonly caused by birth control pills

birth control pills

A birth control pill is a hormone based pill to curb pregnancy. Although it is quite effective, it comes with a variety of side effects, both short term and long term. While mst are not serious, some tend to become a cause of concern.

The side effects majorly encompass nausea, sex drive changes, dizziness, sore or swollen breasts, small amount of spotting or bleeding, weight gain, irregular periods, high blood pressure, cholesterol, fluid retention, constipation or bloating, enlarged ovarian follicles, vaginal discharge changes, hair loss, bone density loss and mood changes.

On the whole, while they might be successful in their primary intent, birth control pills  can be a menace to daily life due to irregular periods, unpredictable spotting or bleeding and the long list of complications. Therefore, while it is an accepted method of contraception, there are major health risks involved such as eye problems, jaundice, gallbladder disease, embolism, breast tumours, cardiac arrests and cervical cancer. Here’s a look at a few side effects

1. Headaches – headache and nausea are the most common side effects of the birth control pill. It is due to the oestrogen content in the pill. In case the symptoms persist, you may have to switch to another pill.

2. mood swings – due to hormonal fluctuations, women taking the pill tend to have mood swings. This is usually a short term effect and an effective way to tackle it is by consuming food before bedtime.

3. abnormal bleeding – oral contraceptives, especially for women taking it for the first time develop abnormal bleeding patterns. This usually happens in the first three months of taking birth control pills.

4. breast tenderness  or enlargement– a normal side effect noticed in many women, it can be fixed by decreasing caffeine and salt intake and wearing a good support bra.


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