Clear Signs You Should Dump Her Right Now

She is Having an Affair

There often comes a time in relationships, when a tough decision needs to be taken. Yes, break ups are indeed not easy, but it might be essential. We need to accept the stark reality that all relationships may not endure the test of time. Relationships may falter due to several reasons. However, there are some signs that one may detect in their relationships. These should give them the necessary ‘go ahead’. Here we explore them from the aspect of the male partner.

  • Lies : The fact that your spouse lies to you often is a chief reason that you should break up with her. A relationship cannot survive on lies. If your wife has lied on a few major issues, its time you took that necessary step.
  • She is Having an Affair : If a third person is indeed involved, you should definitely break up with her. Cheating is something that one should not hesitate about. She has played with your trust, its time you take it out of the equation.
  • Loss of Trust : It may so happen that you do not trust her, whatever the reason may be. In that case, it may be wiser to break up with her. A relationship needs mutual trust to thrive on. If that is lacking, then what’s the point. It’s better to dump her than suffer the consequences of your dilemma.
  • Too Dependent : If your woman is over dependent on you or clings to you for everything, you may consider dumping her. An independent woman who is able to deal with problems on her own, should be the focus of a guy. Look for such a person instead of exhausting yourself behind your over dependent spouse.
  • Too Many Expectations : If this is the case, you will never be able to satisfy her. She will keep demanding more and more. This is completely different from an effort to stay by your side while you try to achieve your dreams. Such women expect more than you may be able to provide her with. You will be better off without her.

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