Cashew nuts and its health benefits

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are an integral part of a happy cuisine. Although people term it as fattening, it is difficult to stay away from the dry fruit. In fact, the cashew nut has made its way into every kind of meal of every cuisine, be it in gravy or a favourite dessert as topping. Fruit of a plant native to South America, it began getting exported on a large scale in the later years of the 20th Century. Cashew nuts along with taste, imparts a lot of health benefits to the body. Along with various essential nutrients such as zinc, phosphorus and iron, Cashew nuts provide a lot of other health benefits. Let us see how.

1. Cancer prevention – cashew nuts help in preventing abnormal tissue and cell growth through proanthocyanidins, therefore preventing cancerous tumour formation.

2. Diabetes control – The cashew nut has the property to lower triglyceride levels in the body, thus controlling diabetes. If the fruit is consumed regularly, it can reduce the risk factor caused by triglycerides.

3. Bacteria eradication – Good news girls! Cashew nut prevents dental infections, thus preventing acne. Along with this, it is also a delight for kids and grownups alike as it is a tasty way to avoid dental infections by killing bacteria in the teeth and gums.

4. Gall stone prevention – gallstones are one of the common reasons for surgeries nowadays and cashew nuts are a good way to prevent gallstone formation. Cashew nuts have a success rate of about 25% when consumed 1 ounce of cashews per week.

5.  Bone and blood health – one of the nutrients the cashew nut provides is copper, thus improving bone and blood health. The antioxidants in the nut reduce free radicals thus utilizing iron in the body for better bone health.

6. Hair growth – cashew nuts being rich in iron and copper, help in production of melanin for better hair.


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