Blood In Baby’s Stool : Know The Reasons –


Ignorance to blood in Baby’s stool can be fatal for your baby’s health.

Babies need utmost care in the whole world. Every symptom of their suffering should be carefully analyzed else it will become almost impossible to track the actual cause of their ailment. One such strenuous task is the examination of presence of unwanted substances like blood in the stools of your baby. Blood in stool can lead to serious health hazards and that is why we must try to understand the factors causing it and then countering those factors.

Few of the major reasons of blood in baby’s stool are as follows:

  • Colitis : The colon of the infant may be infected with viral or bacterial infection and may suffer inflammation. Due to this the blood will flow out of the colon and pass into the stool.
  • Mother’s Blood : Sometimes there is no potential reason for observing blood in a baby’s stool. May be the skin of mother’s nipple may get chapped and mother’s blood may be consumed by the baby, ultimately appearing in baby’s stool.
  • Allergy : It is difficult to diagnose the substances to which an infant is allergic to. One of them may be lactose. So if a baby has been fed with quite a good quantity of milk, then surely the intestine may get corroded and start bleeding. Thus blood can be witnessed in the stool of the baby.
  • Constipation : One of the very general causes of blood in stools of a baby. When a baby suffers from constipation then stools contain very less moisture content and is as hard as a grit to pass through the rectum. The rectum may get pierced and start bleeding and this blood may accompany the stools.
  • Internal Damage : The internal organs of the baby may be damaged and the blood from the damaged organ may find an exit in the stool. In this case the blood will be dark in color.

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