Benefits of Kale Leaves for women

Kale leaves

Kale is one of the important food items and it contains lots of beneficial aspects which help in keeping the body fit and active. There are lots of other benefits for Kale and most importantly it finds wide importance for women. Here are some benefits:

  •   Kale is rich in calcium and iron, kale is a prescribed leafy vegetable during pregnancy. It also provides folic acid and vitamin B9 which is very important for the baby’s nervous system.
  •   If you are a pregnant woman, add kale to your diet to keep yourself and your baby healthy. It also increases breast milk supply after pregnancy.
  • Kale leaves are widely known to have properties that keep breast cancer at bay. Its’ antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities work together to combat many types of cancers including breast cancer.
  •   Osteoporosis strikes women four times more often than men. Include kale in your daily diet as it is a good source of Vitamin K, a powerful bone builder; it lowers the risk of osteoporosis.
  •   Kale is not only good for chronic diseases; it is very good for your skin as well. It is known as the best green to eat for your skin.
  •   Kale is full of antioxidants, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which encourages production of collagen and thus prevents skin problems and keeps away wrinkles.
  •   Kale has loads of such nutrients, which not only make your body healthier inside out but also adds to the beauty of your hair. Iron present in it helps your hair grow longer.
  •   Kale increases the immunity system of the body and helps protecting against harmful disease and other problems. Nutrients enriched kale helps you strengthen your immune system.
  •    Kale has more iron than some of the meat products like beef and hence, it makes a great source of valuable minerals for vegetarian.

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