Babies can learn while still in the womb

Baby Womb

Would be mothers are advised to stay away from harmful substances, alcohol, drugs because it can affect the baby in the womb. They are also told to avoid anxiety, depression and any kind of violent scenes. It has long been a traditional belief that whatever the mother is exposed to has a result on the baby. In India there is a practice of chanting holy things in the mother’s ear so that the baby can imbibe the good things. With the advancement in scientific research, the existence of fetal memory or prenatal memory has now been proven. It has been established that fetal memory is very important for the survival of the baby and helps in its development.

These days doctors encourage would be mothers to talk with the baby in the womb as it helps to build a bond between mother and child. This why babies can easily recognize their mothers and are calmed by their voice. Recently a research study was carried out in Finland to prove that babies even remember specific words from the womb. A group of pregnant women had the syllables ‘tatata’ played in front them for minimum 25,000 times each day. The process began from the 29th week of pregnancy period because it is when the brain of the child starts developing before the delivery. After the babies were born they were similarly exposed to the syllable sequence ‘tatata’ and brain activity were recorded in them. When in the womb the babies can hear almost everything happening outside and they can retain anything out of them. But generally it has been observed that they are most receptive to musical sound and mother’s voice. When the baby’s nervous system has been developed, this womb memory helps the baby to perform functions like breathing and eye movement. They carry on this practice after birth.

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