Advantages and disadvantages of having only one baby


There has always been this debate whether to have one baby or two and the advantages that come along with such cases. Each individual and family member has their own takes and based on that they decide whether to have one baby or two. However there is also this factor that comes along with babies are the expenses and in this society the expense has increased to a great deal. Having two babies’ means that the expenses will also increase and for that reason there are various points that keeps coming in when you are looking for the answer. Here are some of the advantages as well as advantages of having one baby.


  • The most effective feature or the advantage that comes along with one baby is that he or she fits all the features for that reason is amongst the most loveable in the family.
  • All educations as well as other expenses can be taken at ease and no extra pressure creeps in having two babies.
  • There are different other facilities available when you have that one baby and this are all available in that time.


  • The most common and fact about having one baby is that there is no companion or friend of that baby. If there is another baby they both can play and more importantly there will be a companion
  • This can results in over protections and this can act other ways. With one baby parents tends to become over protective and this can harm both ways.
  • If you have only one baby the chance of boredom set for both the parents as well as the baby. This is one of the disadvantages and you need to consider while having babies.

This are the merits as well as the demerits.

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