Adhesive Tape Allergy: Symptoms and treatment


Generally there are some cases where individuals develop some types of allergy and rashes when the skin comes in direct contact with any of the adhesives or glues. They result in some types of allergy, rashes, itching and skin color changing. Generally allergy is the cause of hypersensitive immunity system and there are no particular treatments for such problems. You can follow some normal treatments and can control it but they can’t be cured completely. You need to avoid all the allergic substances and thereby able to avoid it. Generally the adhesives are prepared from the latex and it contains some proteins which are responsible for some skin reactions and it finally causes allergy.

There are lot of symptoms that are seen for adhesive allergies and you can judge by those problems.

  • Adhesive tape allergy symptoms can vary from gentle to ruthless problems.
  • Other problems along with allergy is the coughing
  • In some cases it causes general rashes
  • It is also reported that it cause itchy eyes.
  • Some severe allergic reactions can cause rapid and weak pulse rate, nausea and problem in breathing.

Such proteins that are in the latex are generally found in some fruits like banana or avocado and this fruits can also cause allergies and other reactions. So try avoiding such fruits. With blood test and other experiments you can come to know about such allergies and reactions.


  • The best way to avoid such allergies is to avoid the items or related glues.
  • Use hand gloves and make sure that the glues are not touched with the hand or comes in direct contact with the skin.
  • Aloe vera acts as a good layer against such allergens. So try covering up the surface with aloe vera and thereby can avoid allergy or other skin reactions.

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