5 Signs Your Partner is Not Wiling to Marry You:

Your Partner Not Marry You

There are many surprising phases in Love relationship between two persons. Good changes in one partner’s behavior bring happiness in relationship but if the changes are not so good and turns bad then it is the time to think about the future of your relationship. Probably your partner is not willing to marry you, but can not say it clearly to your face and thus you can notice sudden behavioral changes in him/her.

Basically there are no such particular relationship rules and guidelines. One most important thing you must have to keep in mind, do not lose your own feelings and self respect. If you notice changes in partner’s behavior, go and talk to him/her. There are few signs that your partner is basically avoiding you:

Vague Answers :

Love life lives on definite statements and trust. You may notice that you are now getting ambiguous answers for a definite question from your partner which is very much new to you. A void is being made between you and your partner.

Avoid Meetings :

When in love each partners try to meet and make excuses to meet up even everyday without any proper reason. But if you suddenly notice that your partner is no longer willing to meet you, it is probably he/she is not going to marry you.

No More Family Gatherings :

To meet your partner with your family and friends is the most popular culture. From other side also your partner want to be acquainted with your family. But if it is not happening and you can realize that he/she is avoiding the family gathering, then you must understand that he/she is avoiding you.

Work Load :

It would be new for you to hear a new phrase in your partner’s life, that is ‘work load’, which was not an obstacle previously in between you two.

Less Phone Calls :

When you get a formal phone call or no phone calls from your partner in stead of your previous all day long telephonic conversation, it is probably that he/she is now trying to avoid you.

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